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Davenport University uses the 6th edition of the American Psychological Association's (APA) style guide, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) -July 2009. 

APA Word Template

Use this APA formatted paper template to start with a document with the right margins, font and set up for an APA style paper.  If you copy things into the paper without stripping formatting by pasting it in Notepad, it may change the settings.

APA Guides from DU's Dept of English & Communications


NoodleTools is a Web-based tool which aids students in formatting their References and parenthetical citations in APA style. For more help, see the DU NoodleTools page or the NoodleTools Library Guide.

APA Library Guides

Other Resources

 "Not so helpful" APA help

Microsoft Word Professional offers an APA citation tool and some of the databases offer APA citations.  While they often contain all the elements for the citation, they are often not in correct APA style. Before relying on these citations, you will want to check them with your APA manual, NoodleTools or the DU English Department's Overview to make sure that your citation is correct.

EndNote bibliographic software does not follow all APA guidelines, and so it is not recommended for Davenport students.

Faculty APA Documents

Faculty Guide to APA 6th edition

Other APA Documents

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