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Wynalda Teaching & Learning Institute (TLI)
Why TLI? Connect with colleagues. Learn from and with each other. Collaborate to support student success. Have fun!

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Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute

Every year, Davenport kicks off our academic year by bringing faculty and academic leaders together for our annual Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI), an internal conference dedicated to supporting our faculty in their teaching, scholarship, and professional administrative work.

The conference location hosts in-seat activities, with many conference activities also accessible via live streaming.   The annual Faculty Day of Research is also an integral part of the Wynalda TLI.

For additional details about yearly theme, schedule, and location, please view the Conference Information sub-page on this site.

Why Wynalda? 

This event carries the name Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute because the family of Marian Davenport Wynalda, in order to promote and facilitate faculty development at Davenport University, originated the Teaching and Learning Institute through a generous gift to honor their commitment of promoting student excellence.  

Marian Davenport Wynalda, daughter of Davenport University founder Michael Edward Davenport, devoted her adult life to education.  After graduating from the former University of Grand Rapids, she worked in the administrative offices of the university and continued that position with Davenport-MacLachlan Institute (later Davenport College).  She married Martin Wynalda in 1950, and the couple moved to Lansing to help develop the Lansing Business University.  The school operated as part of the larger enterprise known as Davenport Schools, Inc., a separate non-profit corporation that operated business schools in Saginaw, Dearborn, Bay City, and Kalamazoo.  For the next twenty-five years Marian worked to help LBU grow its campus and programs, while also serving on the family governing board of DSI.  

 While she committed herself to the growth of the Davenport presence in Michigan, she also raised a family of four and managed the family horse farm in Grand Ledge.  Her commitment to education extended into the public schools as well, during her decade of service on the Grand Ledge Board of Education.  Through her church she created “Operation Stork”, preparing layette packages for low-income parents.  She remained active in community service until her death in 2001. 

This event would not be possible without Marian's dedication to eduction and the generosity of her family.  

In addition, the hard work of the TLI Planning and Implementation Committee, support from Academic leadership, participation by your faculty colleagues, and talents of the OPE team all ensure a successful professional development event.  Please join me in thanking them for their dedication!

Looking forward to talking about teaching at TLI, 

Keri Dutkiewicz
Director of Faculty Learning
Office of Performance Excellence