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Marlene Berens

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Marlene Berens, Instructor
Nursing, Faculty
College of Health Professions
DNP-C from Regis University, 2013
MS from Michigan State University, 2002
Grand Rapids Campus

Marlene has been a Registered Nurse for 30 years and has held numerous positions in medical/surgical, critical care, intensive care, PACU, OR, endoscopy, and surgical units. Marlene continues her field experience by working one day a week as a nurse practitioner. She has a heart for the under-served population and volunteers her services to help ensure the availability of health care services.

Marlene joined the full-time staff at Davenport University in 2009 as a nursing faculty member. She has several years teaching experience at other colleges and universities. Marlene is presently pursuing her doctorate degree in nursing from Regis University.