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Student Staff

Student Staff

Our Resident Assistants (RAs) are students specially trained in all aspects of residential community living, with the experience and knowledge to assist residents. They are responsible for maintaining an environment that is conducive to studying and promote a sense of inclusivity and community among residents. The RAs and SAAs act as an advisor to floor members and are available to discuss academic, social, and personal concerns. Click on the photo of your RA below to learn some quick facts about them!

Who’s on Duty?

The residence halls have two RA staff members "On Call" every night. These individuals are available for any problems or emergencies that may arise. Students may contact the RA on duty (616-648-7513) from 6pm-8am every day.


South Hall Resident Assistants

Sammy Miedema
First Floor

Tyler Triemstra
First Floor

Cameron Burns
Second Floor

Brandon Dekker
Second Floor

Britt McLain
Second Floor

Courtenay Tafel
Second Floor

Carter Heminger
Second Floor

Hannah Soules
Third Floor

Lucas Treadwell
Third Floord

Chance VanHuis
Third Floor

Sam Rogers
Fourth Floor

Juan VanAntwerpen
Fourth Floor

Jake Waldron
Fourth Floor

Cook Hall & Meijer Hall Resident Assistants

Heather Howard
Cook 1 & 2 Floor

Anthony Martinez
Cook 3 & 4 Floor

Kimberly Cole
Meijer 1 & 2 Floor

Michael Bradford
Meijer 3 & 4 Floor

Kara Overway
Meijer 5 Floor

Panther Woods RAs  


Sarah Schneidenbach
Buiilding 200

Eric Bradford
Building 300

Margie Travnik
Building 400