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Business Training and Certification

Business Training and Certification

Gain an advantage for success with the Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx).  Our one-day business skill courses provide you and your organization with the in-depth strategies and knowledge you need to excel.  Each course is led by an industry-experienced facilitator in a unique adult-focused learning environment.  Training materials, workbooks and lunch and provided.

Stay current in your field and competitive in the workplace. Select the programs that best meet your professional needs.  Click the course title for details, training dates, and registration.  Contact us directly at 616-233-2581 or  

Course list:

Why Aren't You Delegating?
Learn to use delegation effectively with your peers as well as your direct reports. 

Exceeding Expectations: Great Customer Service
Learn the six critical elements of customer service that, when the company lives them, bring customers back to experience service that outdoes the competition.

Exceptional Presentations
Develop effective presentation skills that increase credibility, aid in retention of the message, and motivate the receiver to take the desired action.

Etiquette Essentials for Business 
Gain an extra edge and learn to handle any business situation with confidence.

Effective Writing for Business: Reports and Proposals 
Build on a solid base of writing skills to learn to write with impact in formal, informal, report, and proposal styles.

Leveraging the Generation Gap 
Explore problems, solutions, and strategies to help overcome issues of the generation gap.

Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance  
Explore techniques to better manage your time and learn to rely on the abilities of others to achieve goals and complete projects. 

Accounting Skills for Supervisors
Gain the confidence to collaborate with finance and accounting professionals to achieve financial goals.

Success With Emotional Intelligence 
Learn techniques to understand, use, and appreciate the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Managing Change in the Workplace 
Learn how to manage and cope with change and how to lead others to adapt and thrive in a new environment.

Creative Thinking for Team Success 
Gain techniques to boost your creative potential and to foster creativity and innovation in your workplace.


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