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Turnitin is an online resource designed to guard against plagiarism, and to check a student's originality in their writing, and whether or not quotes are properly cited. Students electronically submit their papers and compares these papers to billions of pages on the Internet (past and present), along with some commercial article databases and the databases of papers submitted by clients. then returns a "lack of originality" rating for the paper (the percentage of a paper's content with matching sources). If any portions of the paper come from other sources, you will be able to see the student's paper and the original source side by side. The matching text in both documents is color coded for easy comparison.

Students Submitting Papers to Turnitin Through the Library

The Library will run student's papers through Turnitin at their request.  Students who have used Turnitin before often want to use it again in subsequent classes, even if their instructor isn't requiring it.  The Library sends a copy of the originality report to them and their instructor along with the document "Understanding Turnitin Originality Reports" (see below). The Libraries do not submit the student paper to the Turnitin student database for archiving until after the semester is over.  That way if the student subsequently submits their paper to Turnitin through your class after submitting it to the Library, Turnitin will not find an exact match and block your view of that student's paper and their originality report. After the semester is over, we submit it to the student database and then it is available for matching against other subsequent semesters' papers.

How to Get Started

All classes at DU have a Blackboard class, whether they are an online class or in-seat class.  To create a Turnitin assignment for your students, login to Blackboard and follow the instructions in "How to Set up a Turnitin Assignment Through Blackboard."


Complete List:
(Most Turnitin Tutorials & Articles were NOT prepared with the Blackboard Integration in mind, so the steps may be a little different at the beginning of the tutorial/article.)

Some Specific Tutorials/Documents:
(These Tutorials & documents WERE prepared with the Blackboard Integration in mind.)



Turnitin Walkthrough Training offers free online 45-minute training sessions six times a week. Check the schedule, or go to, click on the "Support" tab, and scroll down to the training section.

Turnitin Questions?

Contact Julie Gotch (616) 554-5622 (on campus, ext. 5622).

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