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Transferring Credit

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College Transfer Course-to-Course Equivalencies

Davenport applies your college credits from other accredited institutions towards programs at Davenport.

Choose an institution from the drop down menu, enter the course prefix and number, and click on "Go." If you don't know the course prefix, select your school only to see all courses listed by your former school(s).

NOTE: These course-to-course equivalencies serve only as a guide for students interested in transferring to Davenport University and are not a contract. Official evaluation of all transcripts is done through the Registrar's Office. Davenport University reserves the right to make revisions as it deems necessary without prior notice.

Institution Course Prefix    

Program-to-Program Transfer Articulation Guidelines

Institutional transfer articulation agreements focus on the detailed conditions for accepting students (with specific degrees and GPAs) and transferring their completed associate degrees into specific Davenport University majors. If Davenport University has an articulation agreement with the institution you attended previously, that agreement governs your transfer determination, if covered by the articulation agreement. Otherwise, your transfer determination is governed by individual course-to-course equivalency evaluations and Davenport University transfer policies, or as determined by DU at its sole discretion.

Use the pull-down menu to select your previous institution and see any transfer guide existing with DU.

Training Programs
Davenport awards credit for qualifying training programs.
Use the pull-down menu to select your training center and see any transfer guide existing with DU.