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Math Bridge Program

Are you worried about taking math?

Want to SAVE money?

If you have been placed into MATH 030, we have an opportunity for you!

In this special program, you work with professional instructors sensitive to math anxiety who will help you acquire the skills taught in MATH 030 which will allow you to test directly into MATH 125 in Fall 2014.  There is a non- refundable $200 fee to participate.  Participating in the Math Bridge can save you one semester of time and tuition by not taking MATH030
. . . all for $200!   

Here’s how it works:

Attend required class sessions for one week on-campus

  • Sessions are planned for the week of August 11 to 15, 2014. we will confirm.
  • You will begin using the on-line resource materials.
  • Set-up a study plan for completing the program. 

Then, work in class and on your own schedule at any computer with Internet access

  • You can combine work in a small on campus class with instructor assistance
  • With
  • Work outside class in a self-paced environment 
  • All designed to
  • Practice and build your math skills

Finish by taking the MATH125 readiness assessment in person at a campus testing center

  • Must be completed by August 22, 2014.  
  • Note: You are only allowed to take the assessment once, so be prepared.


Summer 2014 Bridge Program Application

Contact Information
Please ensure this is an address you will check on a regular basis.
I acknowledge that participation in the Bridge Program does not guarantee placement in MATH 125, without passing the final testing for MATH 030 with a score of 73% or higher. Any fees associated with participating in the Program are non-refundable. I must: Arrive on time and stay for the duration of the one-time, on-campus class session Have a computer and Internet connection Be able to work on-line to complete all assignments Participate in on-line tutoring as needed Complete the final MATH125 assessment