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Give Your Legal Career a Strong Start

Paralegals are a vital part of any legal team, and a degree in Paralegal Studies from Davenport University may give you a distinct advantage in this high-demand career path.1

Our American Bar Association-approved Paralegal Studies programs2 are designed to support today’s legal community with multiple programs to fit your needs:

Associate of Science (A.S.) 

Our associate degree gives you a basic foundation in business and law, and the opportunity to apply legal theories to real-life legal situations. All associate degree courses transfer directly to the Davenport Bachelor of Science degree in Paralegal Studies.

Paralegal studies is an ideal foundation for and complement to an advanced degree, such as a Davenport MBA or a law degree, if you decide to further expand your skill sets for greater employment opportunities.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) 

Our bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies prepares you for your paralegal career, with courses in advanced litigation skills, law office computer applications, and electives including specialties like bankruptcy, real estate, family, probate, and criminal law. This program also serves as a springboard to law school.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate*

This certificate is designed for students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree program in another area of study. This credential can be a real asset if you’re already working in a legal environment, or you’re considering changing careers.

Classes to Meet Your Goals

Paralegal Studies classes offer legal theory as well as practical, hands-on experience, including internships, a study abroad opportunity and other clinical experiences. With every class, you’ll develop the effective communications and critical thinking skills you need for a successful career.  

DU has a wide range of elective courses:

  • Bankruptcy law
  • Real estate
  • Estate planning
  • Family law
  • Criminal procedure

Why Davenport?

Davenport offers the courses, degrees, and certifications you need, and we have a proven track record of success: 

  • 91% of Davenport Paralegal students pass the national certification exam, compared to a national average of 58%.
  • We’re among the few Paralegal Studies programs in the country to be recognized and approved by the American Bar Association.

In addition, our instructors are practicing lawyers and paralegals, adding a unique on-the-job perspective to your classroom experience.

In-demand Careers

According to current national employment projections, demand for paralegals is expected to grow 28% through 2016 – a faster than average rate.

The projections cite specific occupations that are considered critical to the economy, including opportunities that you may pursue with a paralegal studies certificate or degree, including:

  • Paralegal
  • Legal Assistant
  • Court Clerk
  • Compliance Manager

These careers are projected to have significant employment opportunities in the future, with salaries ranging from $44,500 to $55,000 for bachelor degree graduates.


The DU Advantage


  • Courses available both online and in classroom
  • State-of-the-art online technology and support
  • High quality coursework
  • 11 campuses statewide
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Specializing in careers of the future
  • Practical, in-field experiences



1NOTE: While paralegals are an important part of the legal team, they cannot give legal advice or other direct legal services to clients and must work under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

2See information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other employment information

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Full Curriculum


Davenport University’s American Bar Association (ABA) approved Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies program prepares students to work in a law office, government agency, or other law-related setting, through studies that focus on effective communication skills, critical thinking, litigation procedures, computer applications for the law offices, ethics and various legal specialties. The student will benefit from classes that combine legal theory with a practical focus and will receive hands-on experience performing the types of tasks typically performed by paralegals. Although paralegals play a key role in providing legal services to clients, only attorneys may accept cases, give legal advice, represent clients in court, or provide other direct legal services to clients.


**Which class should I take? When should I take it?  Please click here for a recommended program sequence.

Foundations of Excellence 21 cr.
ACES100 Achieving Career and Education Success 3 cr.
COMM120 Presentation Techniques 3 cr.
ECON200 or ECON201 Microeconomics or Macroeconomics 3 cr.
ENGL109 Composition 3 cr.
ENGL110 Advanced Composition 3 cr.
MATH125 Intermediate Algebra 3 cr.
SOSC201 Diversity in Society 3 cr.
Foundations of Business 16 cr.
ACCT201 Accounting Foundations I 4 cr.
BITS211 Microcomputer Applications: Spreadsheet 3 cr.
BITS214 Microcomputer Applications: Word Processing 3 cr.
BUSN210 Professional Ethics 3 cr.
CISP112 Applied Information Technology 3 cr.
Major 27 cr.
LEGL101 Introduction to Paralegal Studies 3 cr.
LEGL213 Torts 3 cr.
LEGL215 Litigation 3 cr.
LEGL216 Legal Research 3 cr.
LEGL220 Technology for Paralegals 3 cr.
LEGL301 Business Organizations 3 cr.
Choose nine credits from the following: (9) cr.
LEGL204 Family Law 3 cr.
LEGL211 Criminal Law 3 cr.
LEGL218 Legal Writing 3 cr.
LEGL285 Community Based Legal Studies EL 1-3 cr.
LEGL290 Paralegal AS Internship 3 cr.
LEGL300 Evidence and Criminal Procedure 3 cr.
LEGL303 Bankruptcy Law 3 cr.
LEGL305 Real Estate Law EL 3 cr.
LEGL308 Estate Planning and Probate Law 3 cr.
LEGL384 Comparative Legal Analysis/Study Abroad EL 3 cr.
LEGL385 Legal Studies Special Topics EL 3 cr.
LEGL386 Study Abroad: Special Legal Topics EL 3 cr.