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Post-Graduate Certificates may be awarded in any concentration area available in the MBA Program. These certificate programs provide an opportunity for recent MBA graduates to gain new knowledge and skills through concentrated programs of study by targeting specific areas of interest.

The Post-Graduate Certificate is designed for those who need to update their skills or who are considering a new career path.

*Students who completed MGMT399 are not eligible to complete MGMT699 and may not use the undergraduate class as a substitute for MGMT699.

Concentration Courses - Select six of the following courses: 18 cr.
HCMG630 Health Care Organizations 3 cr.
HCMG730 Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care 3 cr.
HCMG745 Medical Practice Management 3 cr.
HCMG750 Financial Management for Health Care 3 cr.
HCMG770 Strategic Management in Health Care 3 cr.
HINT730 Information Management in Health Care 3 cr.
HRMG700/MGMT699/735 Managing HR or Certified Manager Prep or Managing Projects 3 cr.
MGMT735 Managing Projects 3 cr.
MGMT755 or MGMT780 Strategic Management and Planning or Global Business Strategies 3 cr.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Gainful Employment Disclosure