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Achieve Success in Nursing with a DU BSN 

The growing demand for highly qualified nurses led to the creation of our Bachelor of Science (BSN) in Nursing (Basic RN, Pre-licensure) degree which provides you with a broader skill set than a technically-trained nurse. Our BSN curriculum teaches the professional and clinical skills you’ll need to be a preferred candidate, including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Collaborative practices
  • Clinical excellence
  • Patient electronic medical records
  • Quality and safety 
  • Systems thinking

In 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported registered nursing salaries ranged from $44,410 and $67,720, with higher salaries (up to $95,000) in certain specialties or type of practice.

Are You Eligible for Advanced Standing?

You're eligible if you:

  • Are a nursing major
  • Have an associate’s degree
  • Have a current RN license

Eligible students receive the equivalent 64 credit hours for:

  • Health related classes
  • All required biology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Microbiology
  • All associate degree nursing courses

Are You Eligible for a Special Tuition Discount?

If you are employed by a hospital with Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHA) membership, you qualify for a 20% tuition discount.

In-Demand Careers

In February 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) named Registered Nurse as the highest growth occupation through the year 2020. Davenport's comprehensive, relevant curriculum will qualify you for a wide range of careers, such as:

  • Floor Nurse
  • Private Practice Nurse
  • Nursing Informatics 
  • Forensic Nursing 
  • Legal Nursing Practice
  • Acute Care Nursing 
  • Military Nursing 
  • Nursing Education (hospital-based)
  • Nursing Faculty (university-based) 
  • Public Health Nursing

The DU Advantage

  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • One-on-one relationships with faculty
  • Faculty members who are working professionals in the fields they teach
  • High-quality coursework
  • Online state-of-the-art technology and support

Why Davenport?

We know you have many choices. But we also know that nobody works harder to get you where the world is going. When you choose Davenport, you’ll get:

  • The national reputation of Davenport’s curriculum and instructors
  • A broad range of organizations across Michigan and the nation that regularly hire DU graduates
  • Credit may be available for eligible previous health services training and experience 
  • Previous credits for coursework (not exact equivalents of DU courses) may be awarded
  • 120 hours of hands-on experience in the health care field before graduation

Already an RN?
Consider Our Bachelor’s Completion Program

If you are currently a licensed registered nurse seeking a bachelor’s degree to advance, we offer a unique BSN RN completion program.

Similar to the BSN pre-licensure program, the BSN completion program is an exclusively online program. We understand the convenience and flexibility a busy nursing schedule may demand. The BSN completion program prepares you to advance with essential skills to complement your clinical skills, such as:

  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Applied research
  • Self-directed learning

You also have the option to complete a specialty in medical case management in place of nursing electives as part of your completion program.

The completion program is approved by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc.

Want More?

The DU BSN is the perfect complement to our new Master of Science degree(MSN) in Nursing. Ask your enrollment advisor early if you are considering going on to the graduate level.

STAR Program® University Certification

Davenport is the first university in the nation to offer the STAR Program University. The online program provides leading-edge comprehensive training in cancer rehabilitation for healthcare professionals including nursing and allied health.

The program enables you, as a current professional, to advance your knowledge and clinical skills in the rapidly expanding areas of survivorship training and cancer rehabilitation that have many unmet needs. You will become STAR Clinician® Certified upon completion of the 10 three-hour online STAR Program University Training Modules and graduation from DU—providing you an important distinction on your resume in the healthcare marketplace.

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Full Curriculum


This program is designed for students who have chosen to pursue a career as a professional nurse.  The purpose of the bachelor’s degree nursing program at Davenport University is to prepare the graduate with the skill and knowledge necessary to function in the role of the professional nurse through the use of critical thinking, advanced assessment skills, communication, collaborating practices, applied research, self-directed learning, leadership and management skills, systems thinking, and professional development. This program prepares graduates for nursing practice across the continuum of care and in communities.

Program seats are limited and entry is competitive.  Students are admitted to the program based on their cumulative GPA, TEAS score, science and math GPA, professional recommendations, and a personal essay.  Students who meet admissions criteria will be provisionally admitted to the program pending completion of the Criminal Background Check (CBC) and Drug Screen (DS).


**Which class should I take? When should I take it?  Please click here for a recommended program sequence.


Foundations of Excellence 34 cr.
BIOL110 Foundations of Cell Biology 3 cr.
BIOL110L Foundations of Cell Biology Lab 1 cr.
BIOL121 Anatomy and Physiology I 3 cr.
BIOL121L Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 1 cr.
BIOL122 Anatomy and Physiology II 3 cr.
BIOL122L Anatomy and Physiology II Lab 1 cr.
CHEM150 Foundations in Chemistry 3 cr.
CHEM150L Foundations in Chemistry Lab 1 cr.
COMM120 Presentation Techniques 3 cr.
ENGL109 Composition 3 cr.
ENGL110 Advanced Composition 3 cr.
MATH125 Intermediate Algebra 3 cr.
PSYC101 Introductory Psychology 3 cr.
STAT219 Introduction to Biostatistics 3 cr.
Foundations of Health Professions 20 cr.
BIOL211 Microbiology 3 cr.
BIOL211L Microbiology Lab 1 cr.
BIOL312 Pathophysiology 4 cr.
HLTH101 Introduction to Health Careers 3 cr.
HLTH230 Health Care Law and Ethics 3 cr.
PSYC303/HLTH303 Psychosocial Health Concerns 3 cr.
SOSC201 Diversity in Society 3 cr.
Major 66-79 cr.
NURS101 Foundations of Nursing and Critical Thinking 3 cr.
NURS101C Foundations of Nursing and Critical Thinking Clinical 2 cr.
NURS125 Pharmacology I 2 cr.
NURS126 Pharmacology II 2 cr.
NURS135 Nutrition in Nursing 2 cr.
NURS250 Nursing Care of Adults I 4 cr.
NURS250L Nursing Care of Adults I Lab 1 cr.
NURS250C Nursing Care of Adults I Clinical 3 cr.
NURS315 Health Promotion and Education 3 cr.
NURS317 Health Assessment in Nursing 3 cr.
NURS317L Health Assessment in Nursing Lab 1 cr.
NURS325 Mental Health Nursing Across the Lifespan 3 cr.
NURS325C Mental Health Nursing Clinical 1 cr.
NURS334 Nursing Care of Adults II 4 cr.
NURS334L Nursing Care of Adults II Lab 1 cr.
NURS334C Nursing of Adults II Clinical 4 cr.
NURS355 Nursing of Childbearing Family 4 cr.
NURS355C Nursing Childbearing Family Clinical 2 cr.
NURS370 Nursing Care of Children 4 cr.
NURS370L Nursing Care of Children Lab 1 cr.
NURS370C Nursing of Children Clinical 2 cr.
NURS415 Evidence Based Nursing Practice 2 cr.
NURS427 Community Health Nursing (PL) 3 cr.
NURS427C Community Health Nursing Clinical (PL) 2 cr.
NURS433 Nurse Manager and Leader (PL) 2 cr.
NURS433C Nurse Manager and Leader Clinical (PL) 3 cr.
NURS496 Senior Nursing Seminar 2 cr.
Complete the optional Medical Case Management Specialty [CMS] (13) cr.
MCMG300 Case Management Fundamentals 3 cr.
MCMG312 Case Management Insurance/Utilization Review 3 cr.
MCMG401 Case Work Reporting Techniques 4 cr.
MCMG403 Case Management Special Populations 3 cr.