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Take the Next Step: Master of Science in Nursing

The demand for master’s level nursing candidates will continue to grow. Many health care institutions are requiring a master’s degree for staff positions once held with a BSN. Increase the value of your BSN degree and set yourself apart by applying for the online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program.

The DU Advantage

Davenport University is a global provider of degrees in business, technology and health professions. Through our unique online approach, Davenport gives you a high-quality education with the advantage of small (sometimes virtual) classes, experienced faculty and cutting-edge programs for today's most in-demand careers.

Convenient Online Curriculum

This is an online program, for convenience and flexibility. In addition to your online classes, you will participate in required clinical experiences. Our MSN program features:

  • Small, interactive online class sizes encourage collaboration and faculty support
  • Expert instructors in their fields, committed to the personalized attention you deserve.
  • Classes offered through BlackBoard®, the latest in innovative, user-friendly e-learning.

Courses reflect:

  • Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing (AACN, 2011)
  • Outcomes and Competencies for Graduates of Master’s Programs in Nursing (National League of Nursing 2010)

STAR Program® Training

Davenport is the first university in the nation to offer STAR Program® Training. The online program provides leading-edge comprehensive training in cancer rehabilitation for healthcare professionals including nursing and allied health.

The program enables you, as a current professional, to advance your knowledge and clinical skills in the rapidly expanding areas of survivorship training and cancer rehabilitation that have many unmet needs. Upon completion of the 10 three-hour online STAR® Training Modules and graduation from DU— you will have an important distinction of STAR® training on your resume in the healthcare marketplace. 

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Full Curriculum


The online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) at Davenport University offers an advanced level of graduate study expanding on the knowledge, skills, and competencies acquired at the baccalaureate or entry-level nursing education program. The core curriculum for this program reflects the Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing (AACN, 2011) and the Outcomes and Competencies for Graduates of Master’s Programs in Nursing (National League of Nursing, 2010).

Admission to the MSN program is competitive. We seek highly motivated nurses who have obtained their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and desire to further professional development to advance their career. Once students have been admitted into the program, they become members of a cohort. This means that the same group of students goes through the program together. The cohort experience provides the students with the opportunity to develop a sense of community with their classmates as they study, network, and support each other in the graduate learning experience. The cohort learning experience begins with a two day residency at the Grand Rapids W.A. Lettinga Campus and ends with another two day residency for the NURS795 MSN Special Project or NURS799 MSN Thesis.

The MSN Program is a 28-month program that begins once a year. Courses within the program are delivered entirely online except for the practicum component of NURS787/NURS787C. Practicum sites for the NURS787C will be arranged for students based on students’ geographic locations.

*Students, in consultation with their MSN advisor, will choose two 3 credit graduate-level elective courses. An overall grade of B- or better must be achieved in these two courses.

**Upon discussion with MSN Advisor, Student will elect to conduct either a Special Research Project (NURS795) or do the traditional thesis (NURS799).


***Which class should I take? When should I take it? Please click here for the program sequence. (pdf download)


Foundations of Advanced Nursing9 cr.
NURS600Theoretical Foundation for Advanced Nursing Practice3 cr.
NURS601MSN Orientation Seminar0 cr.
NURS640Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice3 cr.
NURS670Transforming Nursing Practice Role through Leadership, Policy, and Advocacy3 cr.
Advanced Nursing Core9 cr.
NURS735Advanced Pathophysiology3 cr.
NURS738Advanced Pharmacology3 cr.
NURS740Advanced Health Assessment2 cr.
NURS740VAdvanced Health Assessment Lab (Virtual)1 cr.
Advanced Nursing Role12 cr.
HINT730Information Management in Health Care3 cr.
NURS780Theoretical Foundations of Teaching and Learning3 cr.
NURS787Role of the Nurse Educator3 cr.
NURS787CRole of the Nurse Educator/Clinical3 cr.
MSN Electives* - Select two courses from the following:6 cr.
Simulation Electives(6) cr.
NURS782Introduction to Simulation in Nursing Education3 cr.
NURS783Simulation Design, Development, and Evaluation3 cr.
Education Electives(6) cr.
NURS784Curriculum Development and Program Evaluation3 cr.
NURS785Teaching Strategies, Assessment, and Evaluation3 cr.
Business Electives(6) cr.
BUSN610Management and Marketing3 cr.
HCMG630Health Care Organizations3 cr.
HCMG730Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care3 cr.
HRMG700Managing Human Resources3 cr.
HRMG750Organizational Development and Training3 cr.
Thesis/Capstone** - Choose one of the following:(1) cr.
NURS795 or NURS799MSN Special Project or MSN Thesis1 cr.