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Full Curriculum


The Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Forensics provides the necessary knowledge and skills for the collection, processing, preservation, analysis, and presentation of computer-related evidence in support of network vulnerability mitigation and/or criminal, fraud, counterintelligence, or law enforcement investigations. Students will use hands-on tools and techniques in a variety of environments for operating systems, file systems, networks, mobile devices, and electronic discovery of data.

Foundations of Excellence 36-37 cr.
ACES100 Achieving Career and Education Success 3 cr.
COMM120 Presentation Techniques 3 cr.
ENGL109 Composition 3 cr.
ENGL110 Advanced Composition 3 cr.
ENGL311 Professional Writing 3 cr.
MATH125 Intermediate Algebra 3 cr.
MATH135 College Algebra 3 cr.
PHYS100 and PHYS100L Applied Physics and Applied Physics Lab 3 cr.
SOSC201 Diversity in Society 3 cr.
SOSC301 Globalization and World Diversity 3 cr.
STAT220 Introduction to Statistics 3 cr.
Choose one of the following: (3-4) cr.
MATH140 Finite Mathematics 3 cr.
MATH150 Pre-Calculus 4 cr.
STAT322 Inferential Statistics 3 cr.
Foundations of Business 9-10 cr.
ACCT200 or ACCT201 Accounting Basics for Managers or Accounting Foundations I 3-4 cr.
BUSN210 Professional Ethics 3 cr.
MGMT211 Management Foundations 3 cr.
Foundations of Technology 24 cr.
BITS211 Microcomputer Applications: Spreadsheet 3 cr.
CISP111 Requirements Planning and Developing 3 cr.
CISP247 Database Design 3 cr.
GPMT287 Principles of Project Management 3 cr.
IAAS221 Security Foundations 3 cr.
NETW101 PC Operating Systems 3 cr.
NETW141 MS Client and Server OS 3 cr.
NETW217 UNIX Operating System 3 cr.
Major 45 cr.
CISP253 Perl/Python Scripting 3 cr.
IAAS256 Windows Digital Forensics 3 cr.
IAAS345 Linux/MAC Forensics 3 cr.
IAAS355 Network Forensics 3 cr.
IAAS370 Mobile Device Forensics 3 cr.
IAAS375 File System/Operating Systems/Data Recovery 3 cr.
IAAS420 Reverse Engineering Malware 3 cr.
IAAS450 Advanced Topics in Digital Forensics 3 cr.
IAAS460 Digital Forensics Analysis and Report Writing EL 3 cr.
IAAS487 Internet/Email/Electronic Discovery 3 cr.
LEGL300 Evidence and Criminal Procedure 3 cr.
NETW151 or NETW220 Cisco Networking Fundamentals or Data Communications and Networks 3 cr.
NETW201 PC Maintenance and Management 3 cr.
NETW235 UNIX/Linux Server Administration 3 cr.
TECH497 College of Technology Capstone 3 cr.
Open Electives 4-6 cr.