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Collegiate DECA

Davenport DECA Leaders

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     Todd Pitts

Officers for 2012-13


DECA (formerly DEX: Detla Epsilon Chi) provides leadership development and career opportunities to business students like you! 

You'll participate in competitive events using interviews, tests, role-play, simulations and written project reports. Business professionals judge the events, evaluating marketing and management skills. 

We are Big Winners

At the 2011-2012 annual competition, DECA brought home 12 first place awards, one runner-up finish, plus 20 advanced from the state-level competition. These members will head to Salt Lake City, Utah for Nationals in April 2012. Check out our stellar results at state:

First Place:

  • Josh Arnson - Web Design
  • Austin Benner and Jamie Fuller – International Marketing
  • Shalisha Cunningham and Nichole Kremer - Advertising Campaign
  • Josh House - Business Research
  • Ron Komdeur and Brendon Reali - Business Law
  • Admir Lugonjic - Marketing Management
  • Kyle Studebaker - Executive Job Interview
  • Kyle Studebaker and Erinn Trask - Business to Business Marketing

Second Place:

  • Admir Lugonjic- Retail Management
  • Nick Schaut- Professional Sales
  • Angie VandenBout- Executive Job Interview

and Top 8 Finalist: 

  • Jacob Armstrong- Hotel & Lodging
  • Austin Benner- Travel & Tourism
  • Lakeisha Facey- Sales Manager Meeting
  • Mariel Harmon- Accounting; Human Resource Management
  • Ron Komdeur- Fashion Merchandising
  • Rebecca Pitts- Travel & Tourism
  • Jasmine Riley- Accounting
  • Kyle Studebaker- Hotel & Lodging
  • Erinn Trask- Executive Job Interview; Accounting
  • Dustin Wolf- Sales Manager Meeting


Davenport's DECA chapter has already started a series of fundraisers for the 2011-2012 season. We need capital to operate and fund our projects! We are looking for more cool ideas to raise cash. Have an idea? We want to hear it. Currently, two events are planned:

  • Script: Sell gift cards, and a percentage of the cost of each gift card goes towards your own DECA account. 
  • Bake Sales: A returning favorite: DECA members make amazing baked goods (without peanuts or other allergy-reaction ingredients) for you to buy!

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