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MFT Distance Proctoring

Student Directions for ONLINE BUSN 288T/488T Distance and Virtual Proctoring for the MFT

Virtual Proctoring or Distance Proctoring of the test is ONLY available to Online students who live further than 60 miles away from a DU campus testing site. 

How do I schedule Virtual or Distance Proctoring?

Students registered for the ONLINE BUSN 288T/488T course have two options for proctoring for their Major Field Test exam:

1) ProctorU Virtual Proctoring (recommended) OR

2) Distance Proctoring (only option for those who require ADA accommodations).

To register for Virtual Proctoring with ProctorU:

  1. Review email instructions from ETS MFT and Proctor U. All students registered for the ONLINE BUSN 288T/488T course will be given the option to use the ProctorU virtual proctor. If you are enrolled in the online course, you will receive an email with information on how to register for a testing appointment session and a link to test-taker information on the MFT website. This information will include ID requirements, computer requirements, and what to expect on test day from ProctorU. 
  2. You will need access to a computer with a webcam and microphone, a reflective surface such as a mirror or even CD or DVD (used for online proctor to check monitor surface), and a reliable internet connection.

See HOW ProctorU Works

See Technical Requirements for ProctorU

To register for Distance Proctoring:

  1. Locate a nearby university, community college, or professional testing center to proctor your online ETS Major Field Test in Business (MFT). We generally direct students to the National College Testing Centers Location Page. This, however, is not a perfect search tool as not all centers who are capable of proctoring your exam are part of NCTA.  The internet and your understanding of your community academic institutions is perhaps equally helpful.  
  2. Requirements:  This exam requires TWO computers.  One for student use which will require the temporary download of a secure browser for the Major Field Test which is supported by ETS, the same company that offers CLEP.  The other computer is required to launch and monitor the progress of the student's exam via a website that once opened can be minimized as not to negatively impact the daily routine of the center.  
  3. Notify the Davenport University MFT desk of your selected testing site by filling out this form.
  4. Schedule your appointment.
    • Within 1 to 2 weeks, your exam should arrive at the testing institution. If they do not contact you, you should contact them to verify that your test has arrived and then proceed to schedule your Major Field Test appointment.
    • Your MFT must be completed and submitted at least 10 business days prior to the end of term for which it has been assigned. 
    • The test is timed and is limited to 2.5 hours in duration. This includes a brief survey and two 60 minute timed computer sections.